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The founders of Chesney Real Estate have a wealth of international experience and a proven track-record of success in every aspect of their respective careers. They founded Chesney Real Estate as a boutique real-estate agency that does not have any ambition to become the largest real-estate agency in Singapore.

You will not find us advertise for staff as we believe that through our reputation within the industry we will attract the right calibre of people that want to join the #1 real-estate agency in Singapore based on professionalism and results.

Our team are highly educated and in many cases have held senior positions in other companies before joining Chesney Real Estate. We believe strongly that only by ensuring you have the right calibre of people can a company within a service industry succeed.

We know that our team of professional managers will stand out like beacons within the Singapore real-estate industry and have and will continue to set the very highest standards for themselves and for the company with every decision based on integrity and placing our client’s interests before our own.


Vincent Chesney, CEO

Vincent Chesney
Chief Executive Officer

After 20 years working within the corporate world for some of the largest multi nationals and having experienced living and working in countries across the globe I decided to try and apply some of my skills and experience in building a small niche player within the Singapore property market focused on expatriates and investors.

My focus is primarily on developing the business (Chesney Real Estate Group LLP) as well as looking after a few select clients myself. I will also be heading the Chesney Real Estate Group Property Development Division and will therefore be leading our efforts with our joint venture partner in sourcing appropriate opportunities for property development, which holds the potential for being a very exciting and lucrative part of our business model.

It is my firm belief that we will in a relatively short period of time be able to establish ourselves as the preeminent full service property firm within Singapore catering to expatriates and investors of high-end properties both within the condo and landed homes sectors.

Cindy Chesney, Executive Director

Cindy Lim
Executive Director (Licensee)

After proving her ability as the #1 property agent in both sales and rentals for Asia Homes, and with her extensive knowledge of the Singapore property market particularly the private housing market in districts 9, 10 & 11 Cindy is poised to ensure we can execute our strategy as being recognized as being both knowledable and committed to ensuring our clients needs are met.

Cindy will be heading up the Chesney Real Estate Group Property Sales Division and will lead our efforts in the sales division focusing primarily on serving her huge network of referrals and property investors that value highly her knowledge and her passion for customer service.

She will also head up the Chesney Real Estate Group Property Finance Division, which primarily helps investors/ buyers to analyse financial packages in Singapore and recommends one that best focuses on their financial needs.

At the moment she is the driving engine behind the majority of our business.

Andy Lim, Associate Director

Andy Lim
Associate Director

When I first started my real estate career, my knowledge about selling, buying or leasing a property was minimal. Over time as I amass more knowledge and experience in real estate, I found it extremely challenging and the thought of assisting people sell, buy or lease their property brought me a great sense of satisfaction. When my clients engage my services, I understand that they trust me to help them with one of their biggest decisions in their life and that is something which I treat with great seriousness as well as professionalism. My customers and clients stay loyal and made referral to me simply because they trust I will always do whatever it may require to get the job done. Given the current market situation, you will definitely require the services of someone who knows his job and willing to give his 101% to get any deals done and secured. My knowledge of the real estate market, experience, negotiating skills and listening skills had certainly kept me ahead of the competition and also ensure the quality of my services to you.




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